Navigation on Website

Our new  website is slightly different from our previous one.

On the left you will see the SHOP BY CATEGORY box.

Within this are the major categories ranging from Closeouts to Trailering. When you click on one of the categories, it is highlighted in blue and the subcategories will appear above in the light blue bar as shown in the screenshot below.



All of the subcategories are clickable. In some instances, there will be more subcategories listed under these subcategories when you click on the specific one you want to explore as shown below.


Note that your original category is now in the light blue subcategory box and you can click on that or any of the other categories to search for your product. If you know exactly what you need, put that number or name in the search box and it should come up if it is available. Even if it does not come up online, please call us to check as we have thousands of other products that are only available by calling.


If you hover with your cursor over the rotating advertisements, the box will stop so you can read it. 


Thank you

Yacht Supply Depot