Primtime Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump - 115V

  • Product Code Ptpump115
  • Manufacturer Primetime

Say Goodbye to priming your air conditioning pump! Say Goodbye to the fear of having your livewell pump accidentally get an airlock and kill all your baits during a tournament. Say goodbye to inability to purchase a pump that will stand up to the rigors of multi industry CONTINUOUS USE!

We have been searching for a pump that can do all this. AND IT CAN!

The Primetime Pump is a quiet, compact self-priming centrifugal that will lift water up to 12 feet (at 3450 rpm) and move up to 21 gallons per minute. It has a rugged cast 316 stainless steel housing with carbon/ceramic Viton bellows mechanical seal making it ideal for marine, industrial, agricultural or commercial applications where compatible liquids are being fed, transferred, recirculated, or filtered.

Marine, Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial Applications are the industries served by this mighty little pump.

Specifically Designed for Marine Air Conditioning: The Primetime Pump was originally designed for marine air conditioning installations when the pump mounting location is prone to air-lock or requires a suction lift. Even when a pump is mounted below the waterline an air-lock can occur due to hull motion when the vessel is underway. The “Primetime” will purge air from the system and eliminate “Air-Lock” from becoming an irritating issue.

Primetime Pump Specifications:
Maximum Flow: 1260 GPH
Maximum Head: 24 Feet
Maximum Suction Lift: 12 Feet (3450 rpm)
Ports: 3/4" FPT (1/8" FPT Filler Plug)
Voltages: 115vac 60hz, ODP or TENV
Construction: 316 Stainless Steel
Seal: Carbon/Ceramic Viton Mech. Seal
Duty: Continuous Duty
Weight: 16 lbs