Vetus Flexible engine mounting type LMX210- LMX210

The VETUS flexible engine mounting type LMX210 has been designed with particular regard to the power to weight ratio of modern diesel engines, which is of ever-growing importance. In other words: the weight of an engine, in comparison to its thrust, has become lower and lower.
For these engine types, the VETUS flexible engine mounting type LMX possesses the following ideal characteristics:
The ample vertical compression guarantees optimum damping of vibrations, even at idling revolutions.
The horizontal fore and aft stiffness is very high, which allows the acceptance of considerable thrust.
The cushioning of vibrations in horizontal direction athwartships is of equal excellence.
This flexible engine mounting is suitable for marine diesel engines in the power range between 70 and 350 KW (95 - 480 HP).

Stiffness ratio - vertical 1
Stiffness ratio - athwartships 1
Stiffness ratio - fore and aft 7
Min. load (lbs) - static 281
Min. compression (inches) - static 0,12
Max. load (lbs) - static + dynamic 472
Max. compression (inches) - static + dynamic 0,25
Hardness in ° Shore 45