VHF radios

M504A VHF Radio with Hailer - BlackIPX8 Submersible PLUS (1.5m depth for 30 minutes)The IC-M504 withstands submersion in up to 1.5m depth of water for 30 minutes. It is equivalent to the IPX8 standard. All products are rigorously checked to pass the quality test at the factory.Large LCD with dot-matrix charactersThe IC-M504 has a 168-charactor, full-dot matrix display that allows you to easily vie…
$349.99 MAP
McMurdo Active Whip Antennae, 1 meter SS whip and 20 meter cable and bracket
McMurdo Alkaline Test Battery for R1 VHF (1 per three radios)
McMurdo Navtex NAV6 A Plus 84-NAV6AP
McMurdo Navtex NAV6 Dual 84-NAV6D
McMurdo Navtex NAV6 Plus 84-NAV6P
McMurdo R1 battery - Lithium Battery Pack (LTB2)
McMurdo R1 VHF radio - 84-R1. Emergency 3 channel HH GMDSS VHF with 84-100 and Axis 30
McMurdo R2 Lithium Battery Pack. (Non rechargeable)LTB3
McMurdo R2 Mains Adapter (rapid) MAR50-A
McMurdo R2 Mains adapter (trickle) MAT50-A
McMurdo R2 Nicad Battery - 84-NC08. (850mA Rechargeable) NC08
McMurdo R2 VHF radio - 84-R2. 19 Channel HH GMDSS VHF with antennae, NO BATTERY.
McMurdo R2 12VDC rapid charger (1.5 hours) RC50
McMurdo Ship Set Package, Consists of NAV 7, antennae with 20 meter of cable and bracket.
McMurdo Display Sun Cover for Navtex units. 84-DUSC
McMurdo R2 trickle charger (12-14 hours) TC50
RayMic Full Function Second Station MicrophoneFull functions second station handset for the Ray218 and Ray55 VHF radios. Features a large backlit LCD status display and controls including a quick access 16 key, volume, squelch and favorite channel soft control keys.Includes: Mounting cradle, 10m cable and connector plate and mounting hardware. …
$149.99 MAP