Cable Pro Linear Compression ToolThe LCCTSLM Compression Tool was designed to compress Digicon and F-Conn one-piece 59/6 F, BNC, and RCA connectors.This Compression Tool comes with four adapters.Features: Gold colored adapter used for compressing gold F connectors and gold RCA connectors Silver colored adapter used for compressing silver F and silver RCA connectors No adjustments are needed to use…
Cable Pro SPSA59 Series RG59 and RG6 cable strippersPreps Series 59 and Series 6 drop wire.Features: Stripper cartridges come preset from the factory at the standard 1/4" x 1/4" prepBlades may be adjusted to different prep lengths on the PS59/6 cartridgeSpare cartridge is included
Perfect Vision RIDGELOC 360 High Performance RG-6 F ConnectorsDIRECTV ApprovedUse any standard compression tool with a compression length anywhere close to 21 mm and the RIDGELOC 360 always installs correctly for maximum quality and performance. Your installer can never miss with this fitting! The RIDGELOC 360 is suitable for indoor applications and is completely SCTE tested and weatherproof for h…
HSC100 High Performance Fluxgate SensorAccurate compass heading data remains a fundamental parameter for marine navigation and the HSC100 uses fluxgate technology to deliver heading data for on board systems. Typical applications include enabling course up and true motion type displays on chart plotters, radar overlay onto electronic charts and stabilisation of radars when used for MARPA/ARPA tar…
Display Table Top Mounting Bracket with Knobs and Screws
Antenna Coupler with 15 Meter CableFuruno's DCLC90M2COUP is the active antenna coupler used in Loran-C navigators.
Furuno's new FAX30 can turn any NavNet display or PC into a Weatherfax and Navtex receiver. This waterproof "Black Box" unit connects directly to a NavNet display or an Ethernet hub with a single Ethernet cable. If it is connected to an Ethernet hub that has multiple 10.4" NavNet displays attached, each of those displays will have access to the FAX30. In addition, the FAX30 has the capability of b…
Active Coupler with 15 Meter Interconnect Cable. Range: 80kHz to 30mHz
Furunos NX300 paperless Navtex receiver is the most economical way of monitoring navigational warnings, meteorological warnings, search and rescue information and other data for ships sailing within 200-400 n.m. of shore. Every incoming message is identified and new messages are read from the high-contrast 4.5" LCD display, no paper is required. However, you can print out the message via a PC. The…
FAX408The FAX408 provides weather charts and satellite images in nine gray levels on 8" thermal paper. Electronic scanning and thermal head printing in nine shades of gray produce high quality facsimile images, while minimal mechanical components allows for an incredibly quiet operation. All known facsimile channels in the 2-25 MHz band are pre-programmed, and an additional 164 user-programmable c…
NMEA 2000 Power IsolatorUse our NMEA 2000 power isolator to ensure sources that could power the bus are separated properly during installation of the NMEA 2000 network.
VHF 100 Radio - BlackThe Garmin VHF 100 marine receiver features intuitive design and provides radio communication to enhance convenience and safety to mariners worldwide. Communicate with ConfidenceWith up to 25 watts of transmit power at your fingertips, you'll be able to stay in touch anywhere on the water. So no matter where you are or where you're heading, you'll always have a line of communi…
$249.99 MAP
VHF 200 Radio - BlackThe Garmin VHF 200 marine receiver provides radio communication and features intuitive design to enhance convenience and safety to mariners worldwide. The VHF 200 comes standard with a two-way hailer system and is also NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 compliant to offer greater onboard flexibility and functionality.Communicate with ConfidenceWith up to 25 watts of transmit power at you…
$399.99 MAP
Glomex 1 ft. AIS Antenna GXRA111AIS
Glomex 10" Dome VHF Antenna & Mount with 28' Coax GXRA124
Glomex 10" Flexible AM/FM Antenna GXRA1281
Glomex 10" TV Antenna GXV9125ASSY
Glomex 10" TV Antenna with A/B Switch Amplifier GXV9125AB/12AB  
Glomex 14" Community TV Antenna GXV9150/00
Glomex 14" Polaris Directional TV Antenna with Amplifier & Remote GXV9130