C-Wave Vanco 35' HDMI Cable

  • Product Code 277035X
  • Manufacturer C-WAVE
Vanco 35' HDMI Cable

Vanco's quailty HDMI Cables are engineered for optimal speed transfer of uncompressed digital video and audio signals, maximum noise rejection, minimal signal loss and ensures exceptional video quality.Allows for Ethernet connection Between two HDMI connected devices.

  • HDMI Ethernet Channel, which allows for a 100 Mb/sEthernet connection between the two HDMIconnected devices
  • Supports Audio Return Channel Functionality
  • Allows 3D over HDMI when connected to 3D Devices
  • Supports 4K x 2K and 1080p Video Resolutions
  • Gold Plated HDMI (Type A to Type A) Connectors
  • Data Speed Transfer: Exceeds 10.2 Gbps
  • UL Listed and CL3 Rated