ComNav 1500 AP w/Rotary Feedback & 35 Degree Fluxgate Compass -10090019

  • Product Code 10090019
  • Manufacturer Comnav
1500 Autopilot
Advanced Technology for Recreational Vessels

  • Visual and audible alarms for trouble shooting
  • Wide viewing angle high contrast LCD display
  • Extremely stable fluid damped Fluxgate Compass
  • Reliable in any sea conditions
  • Interface to NX2 / Nexus Network Instruments
  • Simple 5 keypad design
  • Steer by wind (sail options via NX2 / Nexus Network)
  • Easy to install
  • Connect up to four full functional control heads or handheld remotes
  • Power steering feature for ease of manoeuvring
  • Compatible with most standard types of steering systems
  • "Hands Off" automatic trim
  • Adjustable backlit LCD display and keypad for night viewing
  • Output for optional analog Rudder Angle Indicator; up to four stations
  • Built-in drive for reversing pumpsets and DC solenoid valves
  • NAV interface input and heading output in NMEA 0183
  • CE approved for EMI and RFI immunity
  • Extended 3 year warranty