Antenna Coupler with 15 Meter CableFuruno's DCLC90M2COUP is the active antenna coupler used in Loran-C navigators.
VEU717L - East Mediterranean & Black SeaDetailed coverage of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea including the Straights of Messina, the Adriatic Sea up to Pescara, IT, the Aegean Sea, the Suez Canal and Upper Red Sea, the Bosphorus Straight, the Dardanelles and the Sea of Azov. Ports included are Syracuse and Taranto, IT; Split, HR; Athens, GR; Istanbul, Antayla and Trabzon, TR; Odess…
Glomex 1 ft. AIS Antenna GXRA111AIS
Glomex 10" Dome VHF Antenna & Mount with 28' Coax GXRA124
Glomex 10" Flexible AM/FM Antenna GXRA1281
Glomex 10" TV Antenna GXV9125ASSY
Glomex 10" TV Antenna with A/B Switch Amplifier GXV9125AB/12AB  
Glomex 14" Community TV Antenna GXV9150/00
Glomex 14" Polaris Directional TV Antenna with Amplifier & Remote GXV9130
Glomex 14" TV Antenna GXV9112ASSY NOW sold as the NEW GXV9112/12AASY
Glomex 14" TV Antenna with A/B Switch Amplifier GXV9112AB NOW sold as the NEW GXV9112/12AB
Glomex 14" TV Antenna with Bypass Amplifier GXV9112/00 Now sold as the NEW GXV9112/1200
Glomex 14" TV Antenna with Gain Control Amplifier GXV9112EC NOW sold as the NEW GXV9112/12EC
Glomex 2 ft. Cellular Antenna GXRA160
Glomex 2-Way Radio Cable GXV9149
Glomex 2-Way Splitter 14" TV antenna GXV9147
Glomex 21 ft. 2-Piece VHF Antenna GXRA500
Glomex 23 ft. SSB Antenna GXRA600
Glomex 23 ft. SSB Insulated Antenna GXRA700
Glomex 36" VHF Antenna with Integrated Nylon Base GXRA104NY