• Product Code 9304L01WH5
  • Manufacturer Perko
PERKO 500W 110V SEARCHLIGHT - 9304L01WH5. 19 inch. XR Series Xenon Searchlights are designed and manufactured to meet the demanding needs of commercial marine applications. The short arc Xenon filled lamps produce an extremely bright and very white light which can be focused in the pilothouse into a narrow long range beam. The heavy duty head of the 1,600 watt light is a marine grade aluminum casting with integral cooling fins to assure cool operation at high output levels. The cast marine aluminum yoke & base are equally rugged. High quality Timkin bearings provide for smooth 380° rotation.

The XR Series model 9304 searchlight can be operated continuously at 500 watts for a maximum brightness of 35,000,000 candlepower and over 3 mile (IES Handbook) range. An iridium coated precision reflector provides for maximum light output and sharp focus. The remote control panel controls lamp ignition (start-up) and focus from the pilot house. Superior cooling is provided by a heavy duty cooling fan which blows air across the lamp inside the sealed housing.

Both XR Series Searchlights include a single Xenon lamp. Perko offers a choice of several replacement lamps (800, 1,000 & 1,600 watt) which will operate for the 9854 series searchlight when the proper amperage settings have been chosen.
FEATURES : Heavy Duty Marine Latches
Sealed Waterproof Construction
Heavy Rolled Marine Aluminum Housing
Safety Interlock Switch
Iridium Coated Reflector
Heavy Duty Rack & Pinion Assembly
Cast Marine Aluminum Yoke & Base
Optional Heater System
Quality Ball Bearings
110 or 220 Volt Power Supply
Remote Control Panel