• Product Code 317801
  • Manufacturer Max Power
Designed with super yachts in mind, the thrusters in the Retract™ thruster range offer exceptional durability & performance characteristics. Light, compact & built following exacting engineering standards these folding retractable units have been fitted to the worlds most prestigious super yachts for many years.
Several versions of each RetractTM model are available.
Hydraulic flow and pressure can be customised to suit hydraulic system specifications. Many of the larger units in this range are manufactured to order. Specified by designers and architects alike, these technically superior retractable units are supplied to many of the world’s finest custom yacht builders.
Using a unique & patented folding movement, Retract™ thruster units require little space inside the yacht thereby allowing designers to freely use all the interior space available. Fully water resistant, the Retract™ can be installed in the bottom of damp sail lockers or wet bilges without problem.
This Max Power Hydraulic thruster comes in a package.
This unit has the capability of 10KG per KW of power.
Thrust - UP to 13KW MAX|Propeller(s)- 2 blade |Weight -35(kg) | A -500(mm) B -355(mm) C- 320mm) D- 200(mm) E-255(mm)