Safety Equipment

Besenzoni Retractable Side Ladder "SI403", 5-Step Version in BZ86002080
Besenzoni Retractable Side Ladder "SI403", 6-Step Version in BZ86002081
Besenzoni Retractable Swim ladder "SI401 - Big Marea" in BZ86002070
Besenzoni Retractable swim ladder "SI402 - Marea" in BZ86002071
Besenzoni Swim ladder "SI410", 4-Step, Manual Operation, Powder Coated in BZ86002095
Fishing Kit   Fishing Kit 50-182 Contains: • Hooks …
Floating Knife   Floating Knife 80-KNIFELOGO For use in or around the water, this survival Floating Knife comes equipped …
Food Rations   • Emergency food ration, heat sealed in a vapor proof barrier flexible pouch • Portion controlled to provide the daily min…
    Food Rations   • Emergency food ration, heat sealed in a vapor proof barrier flexible pouch • Portion controlled to pr…
Furuno's new FAX30 can turn any NavNet display or PC into a Weatherfax and Navtex receiver. This waterproof "Black Box" unit connects directly to a NavNet display or an Ethernet hub with a single Ethernet cable. If it is connected to an Ethernet hub that has multiple 10.4" NavNet displays attached, each of those displays will have access to the FAX30. In addition, the FAX30 has the capability of b…
Active Coupler with 15 Meter Interconnect Cable. Range: 80kHz to 30mHz
Furunos NX300 paperless Navtex receiver is the most economical way of monitoring navigational warnings, meteorological warnings, search and rescue information and other data for ships sailing within 200-400 n.m. of shore. Every incoming message is identified and new messages are read from the high-contrast 4.5" LCD display, no paper is required. However, you can print out the message via a PC. The…
FAX408The FAX408 provides weather charts and satellite images in nine gray levels on 8" thermal paper. Electronic scanning and thermal head printing in nine shades of gray produce high quality facsimile images, while minimal mechanical components allows for an incredibly quiet operation. All known facsimile channels in the 2-25 MHz band are pre-programmed, and an additional 164 user-programmable c…
Hydrostatic Release   Hammar H2O 40-H2O-06365009 • Hydrostatic Release Unit fits lif…
Imtra 223BD Wiper Cover, Black EX2115
Imtra 223BD Wiper Cover, White EX2101
Imtra 3 Wiper Control System for Coastal Series Motors incl. Switch, 12/24V RC532003
Imtra 3 Wiper Control System for W38 Motors including Switch, 12/24V RC532043
Imtra Bent bulkhead connector 4 x 6mm EX2153
Imtra Bulkhead mount washing jet, plastic stem, 2 (50mm) bulkhead EX2151"
Imtra Carlingswitch for W38, 12V, Low/High RC466221